Want to choose gowns for women’s party wear? Here is your guide

When we talk about parties the first thing that comes to a lady’s mind is what to wear? All the ladies out there can relate to this isn’t it? One of the most popular dresses that can be adorned in a party is a gown. Gowns have been a staple wear of all party wear and have been popular for decades now. Looking back to the Victorian Era, gowns were the main outfit for women belonging to high-class society. Thus, we can say that gowns are a must-have in your wardrobe. Nowadays, people wear gowns during weddings, engagement ceremonies, etc. for a trendier look. 

With ever-evolving trends, gowns too have evolved over the years. All thanks to the dress designers who toil hard to bring the ongoing trend to the market. You will find a variety of gowns that come in various fabrics. Plus, you can find gowns within your budget which means that every lady can look like a princess with minimum investment! 

There are various types of gowns for different occasions as well as made of different fabrics. Following are some:

  • Wedding gowns: Christian weddings are a treat to eyes because you will find the bride and bridesmaid all decked up in beautiful gowns. They look like princesses isn’t it? Wedding gowns are slowly picking up pace in India and brides that want ‘something different’ often go for gowns than lehengas. 
  • Ball gowns: Ball gowns are flared and can be given a hint of shimmer to accentuate the overall look of the attire. Gowns for women party wear, come in various fabrics and designs. You can choose any style of a ball gown and team it up with diamond earrings for a graceful look.
  • Embroidered gowns:  Though gowns have become almost mainstream at all Indian weddings, but it still is reserved for functions such as sangeet or cocktail, that are more informal. It is because mostly, ladies prefer Indian ensembles for the D-day viz. Conventional lehenga. However, if you are someone who just can’t get your eyes off gowns then embroidered gowns are your solution. Embroidery will not just give a traditional look to your attire but will also make you stand out because of your sober outfit. 
  • Satin Gowns: The elegance and beauty of satin fabric is irresistible. Satin is the first fabric that comes to mind when we talk about gowns. Satin makes one feel glamorous. Plus, the fabric looks expensive and luxurious. 
  • Anarkali Gowns: Want the ethnic yet trendy look? Do not worry we have got you covered! Go for Anarkali gowns that give you that perfect Indian look during weddings and festivities.  You can also go for a cape top for girls stylish outfit that can be adorned over an Anarkali gown to complete the look.

Rajkumari offers a vivid range of gowns that you can choose from for parties and functions. Hurry up and grab one today!

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Rajkumari is one of the largest online shopping website for fashion and lifestyle in India. From our website, you can buy clothes for girls & ladies including tops, salwar suits, lehenga, gowns, kids wear clothes, saree, kurta, Kurti, skirts, coats, jackets, shrugs, dupatta and many more.

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